Throughout our 30+ years of management in the long term care industry, Sumit and I have frequently heard Nursing Home Administrator’s/Operators make the statement, “All therapy companies are the same.”  While we know that this is not true, we also realize that this is a common perception and one that is difficult to change.  So, when Sumit and I began thinking about launching Broad River Rehab, we did so with the mindset that we were going to be very intentional about creating a company that shattered that paradigm.  We wanted to create a culture that differentiated us from the pack.

To accomplish that object, we began asking ourselves, “What kind of company do we want to be a part of?”  And as we began to answer that question, we began to set the tone of the type of therapy company we wanted Broad River to be. 

Drawing upon the vast and varied clinical experience of our executive management, we knew that in order to create a company that possessed the culture we ourselves wanted to work in, and one which shattered the perception that all therapy companies are the same, we had to create a culture that truly partnered with the clients we serve in a different way than others. That meant not only placing an emphasis on providing quality therapy to each resident we cared for (Job #1), but also placing an emphasis on providing that care in a fiscally responsible manner based on our knowledge and expertise of the client’s reimbursement (not just our reimbursement).   Trust me when I tell you the road to profitability for a Therapy Company is much different than the road to profitability for a Skilled Nursing Facility.  

If we were going to create such a company, however, that meant ensuring our employees were more knowledgeable and passionate than our competition.  And that starts at the top.  Therefore, Broad River has created a unique knowledge base that flows from our executive management to every member of the field.  Utilizing our reimbursement expertise, Broad River Rehab’s management team trains our Rehab Directors to understand and assist our clients in optimizing both Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

Broad River trains its Rehab Directors extensively on the four late loss ADLs, and the significant role they play in the RUG scores generated.  And since there is no additional labor cost to accurately capturing this, these dollars are margin dollars to the facility.  They are also trained to understand that nursing rules differ from therapy rules with respect to generating supporting documentation.  As a result of such training, our Rehab Directors play a significant role in ensuring our clients are accurately reimbursed for the care that is provided.

Additionally, our Rehab Directors are trained extensively on the importance of therapy in Medicaid Case Mix reimbursement.  inform each client what their Medicaid CMI was on their last point in time date. They also inform each client on the number of patients who were screened off the Medicaid Care Plan schedule, and how many were picked up for therapeutic intervention! Our Rehab Directors can provide this information to our clients because we hold them accountable for managing and measuring these metrics, requiring them to report on these metrics during a weekly conference call. It’s part of our culture of accountability to ourselves and our clients.  

Having said this, Sumit and I realize that our industry is presently experiencing major changes in the way therapy services are reimbursed.  Despite these monumental changes, because of the commitment to knowledge and passion ingrained in Broad River’s culture, we will continue to differentiate ourselves from the competition by improving patient and client outcomes. 

Please allow us the opportunity to talk to you about how the care Broad River Rehabilitation provides to it residents improve their lives and how we can help you navigate the complex reimbursement structure so that the facility can get paid appropriately and continue to provide exceptional care.