It is humbling when professionals you like, trust, and respect say complimentary things about you.  Below are some testimonials from such professionals. 

There are smart people, really smart people and then there is Manning. In my 20 years or so dealing with the minutia of healthcare reimbursement and clinical systems I have met only a handful of individuals with such a passion for their patients and for the world of reimbursement. If you need to understand Medicare, Medicaid or virtually any other reimbursement system Manning is your man. Not only does Manning have the patience to mine thousands of pages of rules and regulations and pick out the tasty tidbits, I’ve also known him to track down the proper bureaucrats, pick up the phone and get the inside facts straight from the source. This skill alone has often given Manning an understanding of reimbursement bordering on prescience. Some people understand these issues but Manning has the added gift of being able to explain, teach and use this understanding. Most importantly, he has the ability to combine his tremendous clinical chops with his comprehensive knowledge of reimbursement systems and create actionable policies and procedures that achieve the best possible outcomes for the patient AND the provider. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Manning, DO IT!
— M.Y. - Facility Administrator
Often with a contract therapy company, the skilled nursing and therapy professionals act as two separate entities. With Broad River Rehab, the management encourages unity amongst the two components resulting in improved resident outcomes.
— J.R. - Facility Administrator