If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail
— Abraham Maslow

Manning McGraw - CEO

My name is Manning McGraw and I am a Physical Therapist by training.  I grew up in Asheville North Carolina where my mother ran a nursing home for retired Methodist missionaries.  I spent many evenings after school in this nursing home and I grew to love this patient population.  After graduating from PT school, I went directly into the Skilled Nursing setting.  I truly believe our geriatric population is special and we need to care for them to the best of our abilities.

I have specialized in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement since 2002 and I have firsthand extensive knowledge and experience in over 28 states on how reimbursement works.  I believe with all my heart that the more knowledgeable people you work with or partner with, the more successful you will be.  I truly believe at Broad River Rehab, we have a unique knowledge base that will greatly benefit the resident as well as the facility.  In the long run, they are inseparable….

    Job #1 is to provide quality care to each resident based on their individual needs.

    Job #2 is to appropriately document Job #1 according to the complex rules that govern and pay us, so that we can get paid for Job #1, so that we can continue to do Job #1.  Sounds easy…..

I think as an industry (therapy and skilled nursing), we are pretty good at Job #1, but sometimes we neglect Job #2 and they are also inseparable in the long run...

Sumit Malhotra - COO

My name is Sumit Malhotra. I am a physical therapist with over eighteen years of experience. My background includes patient care amongst a diverse array of patients spanning multiple continents. Over the past eighteen years, I have developed a niche in rehabilitation management . My main concentration is building quality therapy programs across various settings. I have overseen therapy operations in hundreds of facilities across multiple states. To date,I have has successfully transitioned more than one hundred and fifty new facility contracts . At Broad River Rehab our major goal is to provide customized care for each individual patient, while assisting our facilities in navigating the rapidly changing world of reimbursements as well as regulatory changes.